One of my most important personal ideas related this project is to question the current practice of forcing people into a certain train (and book it in advance, they call it “Zugbindung”). While this makes, perhaps, or maybe at least made sense with early lowcost airlines, I feel that this is the main reason for two common issues with Deutsche Bahn.

To boldly go

A temporary Bahncard 100, printed on a legacy ticket voucher

I finally did it. And it would be clearly understated to say I considered this well.

One could say that the idea of purchasing what German Bahn calls “BahnCard 100” – an “all in” frequent traveller card allowing to ride almost any public transportation in this country – first came to my mind a few years ago, when I figured working in Düsseldorf would stay fine if living somewhere else became possible, and my then-company could have been likely to support this idea. They were not, which is why they are “then-“, and disliking Düsseldorf was not even the point.

Truth is: I like change.