Over and over again?

A swing bridge in Hamburg in the 1980's

As you might have guessed, or noticed, or both, this here ended after half of the time. I had other business to do. However I do not want to just freeze this site, so here’s a quick summary of my one-year-all-in experience. I did use that card until the very last day, and it was as much a pain and a pleasure as all rides I have logged.

I also learned a lot of differences between German railways and those in other countries, that is, the Netherlands. They do have their own issues, no doubt, however a lot of processes and approaches there are very worth considering.


  • It is definitely priceless to ride without any pre-registration or check-in. I would not want to miss it again.
  • I rode, in the end, for a price of less than 10 cents a kilometer. This is ridiculous, compared to what I once paid for cars. And actually I did not ride, but I was driven.


  • This was a first-class card. From what I have learned, the advantages of “first class” have reduced to “still more space” and “still less crowded”. It seems like many people have grasped the benefits of paying a little more and being at least a bit off-side. Or, simply, Deutsche Bahn has reduced first class contingents. There was at least evidence.
  • Deutsche Bahn has so many issues in all regards (going to wear, cascaded delays, etc), you really should not rely on any connection.

Maybe I will still find for a more in-depth review.