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For a better understanding of the various KPIs on this site, here a translation:

Service achievements

“Service” in this context means the (my personal) key features of the global product “public transport”, which is: Cover as much distance as necessary in as few time as possible while being able to work or at least have a sheltered and comfortable place during as much as possible of the total travel time, and everything that somehow relates to this. Basically the most common reasons for the choice of any means of transportation.

Total trip time

Gross door-to-door times, starting with departure and ending with arrival. Including all connections stops, planned and unplanned breaks (however, only inevitable ones, and not those intentionally used for discovery or other sidesteps).

Average speed

Simple door-to-door km/hours result, however still impressive and (from my perception) still clearly superior even to typical Autobahn rides.

Delay rate

Although I do not personally see a big issue in some minutes plus or minus, delay rates actually are an indicator on how well (or not) an overall system is constructed and designed, so after all I decided to add this metric as well. It reads out of 100% of time spent for all rides, at least n% were due to delay (and thus also if it were for a better design, the same total distance could have been done within up to x minutes less time). While total trip time is rounded up to half hours, this metric is only rounded by one decimal digit and thus even fairer than it would have to be.
Also note that delay-tracking was not in place from the beginning – the values here are probably in any case still better than they really were.


All time I did not have to spend involuntarily in fresh air, but either on board or in hosted facilities like “DB Lounges”.

Wi-Fi pledged

The share of time I was promised to encounter working Wi-Fi services on behalf of Deutsche Bahn (on board, in Lounges). By this metric I refer to an official Wi-Fi coverage document published by Deutsche Bahn. For your convenience, and also just in case this rare (and well hidden) document gets somehow “lost”, I also made a backup image linked below.

Wi-Fi fulfilled

The share of Wi-Fi being delivered whenever promised.

Wi-Fi overall

The rate of working Wi-Fi I encountered during overall trip times. Expectedly the worst of all rates in this evaluation, telling how good (or actually bad) I can rely on working Internet access when travelling (Deutsche) Bahn at all.

Also note that occasional expat trips are also included, but are however unlikely to lower Deutsche Bahn’s achievement rates since in any other country I traveled so far, Wi-Fi not only just works, but is even available in far more situations than in Germany.


TL;DR: Everything I encounter on trains/cars in a given context that limits the paid and expected functionality (from broken Wi-Fi to exceptional loud and frightening noise. Optical issues without any actual impact are not accounted.


Overall number of train or car units I encountered in the given context.

Damaged trains/cars

The number of units in the given context that lacked any paid and excepted functionality or showed other obvious issues. This metric is aggregated per unit (i. e. multiple issues on the same unit are still counted as one).

Damage rate

The rate of damaged units in the given context. Read this metric as in my individual experience, n% of all units did not deliver 100% of the functionality they are officially promoted with.

As of Deutsche Bahn's officially announced Wi-Fi coverage for 2015, all major ICE connections are pledged to provided wireless Internet.