Vacuum town

148 km

After finishing my – short – trip to Frankfurt, the one in the former GDR, I found that it might be interesting to check out how other alike places had come out within the last two decades. This is the approximate period I have not been to almost any place there. Despite they literally surround one of my more frequent living places, Berlin.

So, this time I picked Magdeburg.


178 km
Leipzig main station and its city, separated by car traffic

I have seen few east-German cities so far. While Berlin does not count anyway, there is Magdeburg, Dresden and very few more. Good idea to catch up, and why not finally see the place where, almost exactly a quarter decade ago, socialist Germany started ending. I have passed Leipzig a lot of times, since it is close to an Autobahn I rode frequently a couple of years. But I never got downtown, a task that Leipzig main station easily allows for. Also, I can prepare for future business which might include this city.


One of my most important personal ideas related this project is to question the current practice of forcing people into a certain train (and book it in advance, they call it “Zugbindung”). While this makes, perhaps, or maybe at least made sense with early lowcost airlines, I feel that this is the main reason for two common issues with Deutsche Bahn.