Diving out

251 km

Thanks to Bahncard 100, swimming outside has already become an option I do not want to miss anymore. As the misery around Berlin’s public infrastructure deepens, public swimming sites are obviously a handy indicator on how deep they have actually come. I am quite happy that business takes me across the country anyway. I can easily escape from that mess and, as a welcome side-effect, I experience variety and discover new places, even when it comes to practical questions.

Any police on board?

532 km

They finally made it. After some half year, they re-opened the Düsseldorf site of what German Bahn calls “DB Lounge”. A concept similar to airline lounges, limited to frequent travelers (and some other). Those who are expected to not (only) come for the bargain. The point in these places is not only that they provide beverage, sometimes Snacks and relative quietness. Almost more important, I can have Internet access, a seat and, given some luck, even a desktop. Perfect to me.

Shore leave

A defect ticket validator at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, obviously not missed by anyone within months.

I had to take a day off, not just for business but also to get familiar with the newly acquired liberty. One outcome of this “shore leave” was, by the way, to start this very blog; in the first place only with “some outcome at all” in mind, via “nice tool to keep track of your rides” to (by now) “cool project to spread the word of a (probably) good idea and share opinions on mobility in general and your own vision in detail”.