Customer care


396 km

I could not wait to leave Vacuum town. I would have gone to any actual city alright, so Leipzig would have been just fine. I slightly missed an Express going just there, and I would never dare blaming the station for lacking any sensible number of normal clocks. I am sure the lavatory fees correspond tightly with fund raising for some new models. And after all I could still do an NTP sync using the free Wi-Fi (ha!) in the station’s “DB Lounge” (ha ha!). You get the point.

German Gründlichkeit

11 days. It took Deutsche Bahn already one week (and two reminders I sent in the meantime) to contact me at all. As you probably remember, all I own so far is a paper voucher that has to be accompanied by my ID card – which I really do not want to carry out with me at every time. I want the plastic card.