Next stop: Bitterfeld


739 km
Distance (BC)
739 km

Service achievements

Total time Avg. speed Delay Boarded Wi-Fi pledged Wi-Fi fulfilled Wi-Fi overall
7.0 hours 106 km/h 0 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %

Damage totals

Trains/cars Notably damaged Defect rate
1 0 0 %


As my rides on the Munich relation are currently increasing, and since connecting is always more effort than a direct ride, I decided to take another chance on the ICE 28 relation. I was reluctant in the first place, since the risk of catching a non-Wi-Fi “ICE” train on this track is higher than elsewhere.

However, since even true ICEs are not that likely to provide the service anyway, the reevaluation was put to a new foundation. So far, staying open seems to have been the right choice. The cars are ICE T, also not even as crowded as I feared, Internet is working and I have a nice sunny office compartment on my own.

To be honest, even if there were no working Internet, right now the sunny imagery outside compensates more than I figured.

Oh, and: Bitterfeld formerly was kind of a chemical industry capital, when it was situated in the GDR. At least to West Berliners, “Bitterfeld” was kind of a meme when it came to figuring rotten industry areas or anything ugly. For what I saw, it looked as if it has turned out fine since then.

What is really helpful upon visiting a place for the first time is an option to navigate as easily as possible without asking too many people too many times. Even more surprising, though, that a clear enumeration of e. g. exits has not appeared to me that clearly in other places.