Parking brake on


641 km
Distance (BC)
641 km

Service achievements

Total time Avg. speed Delay Boarded Wi-Fi pledged Wi-Fi fulfilled Wi-Fi overall
8.0 hours 80 km/h 6 % 88 % 63 % 100 % 63 %

Damage totals

Trains/cars Notably damaged Defect rate
3 1 33 %


If one thing is getting more and more obvious with Deutsche Bahn, it is their trying to run everything on wear. For at least half an hour’s ride, the first ICE’s chassis it sounded like the brakes were still on, and at some point we stopped on open track after that chassis had made some additional cracking sounds. I figure the brake was somehow stuck, which the board computer probably recognized, and then forced the train driver to re-boot the system.

Actually, the system will have urged for a review, but since acoustic “Error! Malfunction! Error!” warnings (which you can sometimes hear from the cockpit or in any TV footage) are so common, I figure they are mostly being ignored. Probably also here.

I decided I did not want to ride that train on a 300 km/h track, also since this early-afternoon one was awfully crowded with too many important people discussing too many important issues in too important a noise level. Instead, I got me a compartment in the following train.

That train was amazingly empty, and I effectively lost only 20 minutes at Nuremberg central station due to the delay we had anyway. “Losing”, since that station is far from being worth while. At least that was my first impression and since I do not like Nuremberg too much anyway, I will probably not dig deeper.

Also, I will not again get to that Germany/infrastructure thing. Like always, they do the “late but me-too” thing, you wouldn’t stop them anyway.