On the road again


580 km
Distance (BC)
0 km

Service achievements

Total time Avg. speed Delay Boarded Wi-Fi pledged Wi-Fi fulfilled Wi-Fi overall
7.5 hours 77 km/h 6 % 100 % 100 % 0 % 0 %

Damage totals

Trains/cars Notably damaged Defect rate
1 1 100 %


Today is probably another milestone in my Deutsche Bahn “Bahncard 100” evaluation. Since a storm had blown the last two days, Deutsche Bahn – as usual – surrendered to fate and practically stopped all traffic. As also usual here, without any suitable replacement.

Deutsche Bahn’s understanding of “service”, in the sense of “providing something people can somehow rely on to have certain issues done”, is quickly explaned, they have none. They seem rather stuck in the industrial era, where working machines and operational processes were not considered tools for best possible delivery, but the actual reason why staff come to work at all.

So, I had monitored the (so-called) real-time schedule announcements the whole night and found that trains would restart departing in the afternoon – since the storm had more or less calmed to a minor level later that night. Also the weather forecasts were back to “tough yet ok”. However, the other morning they had obviously re-decided and cancelled all remaining trains, in order to re-activate them later, with ambiguous information. You could also say that there was no useful information flow at all.

Since I was not in the mood for any gamble, and neither for another night in Munich (I do have a family!), I decided to take a chance on long-distance buses.

Compared to 7K for my Bahncard 100, this ride was amazingly cheap: I paid 28 Euros only four hours prior to departure. I will add here as soon as they agreed (or, as I figure, denied).

The bus itself was crowded, yet ok. It is not first class in any context, but I even had kind of a table and some voltage. This was more than I could ask from Deutsche Bahn in that moment, since they were already busy preparing for easter holidays, starting two days from now. As I learned later on, many Deutsche Bahn’s employees had seemingly collected so many work-shift hours the day before, that they simply were not allowed to work that soon again. This is, however, not verified, yet would cast additional bad light on their internal organization, and also their readiness for weather events.

Still, speaking of long-distance buses: Only two weeks ago, Deutsche Bahn announced that (“now, finally” and “instantly”) they would do everything to improve their service (since the bus traffic starts hurting them severely). What didn’t they all promise, slides over slides, beautiful (yet obviously cobbled together) image clips and everything you deliver, when you need a quick green-washing before you get fired due to short-term revenue loss. Now that was a great start!

This here bus doesn’t provide all the bling-bling I value about my Bahncard 100. However, it started in the second it was announced to do so. I like bling-bling. I like cushioned seat pillows, on-seat catering, nice equipment and whatever first class train travel can do. But of what worth, except for the fancy factor, is first-class icing without a reliable cake?

P.S. This is no first-of-april kidding. I wished it were.