Suicidal cracks


640 km
Distance (BC)
640 km

Service achievements

Total time Avg. speed Delay Boarded Wi-Fi pledged Wi-Fi fulfilled Wi-Fi overall
6.0 hours 107 km/h 6 % 100 % 92 % 100 % 92 %

Damage totals

Trains/cars Notably damaged Defect rate
3 1 33 %


I shouldn’t have kid around with the conductor regarding the benefits of high speed tracks. Simply because the best high speed tracks won’t help if the mandatory spring suicide asshole starts jumping on these tracks. Call me cold-hearted, be my guest! In my understanding, however, nothing in the world justifies forcing your very own (maybe deep) problems onto anyone else who did not invite you. TL;DR: No respect, no sympathies.

Anyway, this won’t ruin my day since this time, board staff is quite aware and informative, actually one of the most sympathetic crews I encountered so far. Just a feeling.

And, of course, the mandatory constructive criticism: High speed tracks are (going to be) one of the most important infrastructural assets in the upcoming decades. I did never understand why these delicate facilities are placed into landscape and then left to their own devices, almost without any monitoring or security. This should change very soon, and pardon me for this comparison: If anyone in this world owns tons of knowledge on how to secure even long tracks, it is Germany. In this case, we should value our unfortunate (partial) history and create walls, fences, cameras and whatever it takes to keep these tracks safe and clean from unwanted disturbance.

I am pretty confident this will happen. But of course not without at least one or two more severe incidents to happen. You know, hotplates and stuff.