Will be fixed next year on thursday


815 km
Distance (BC)
815 km

Service achievements

Total time Avg. speed Delay Boarded Wi-Fi pledged Wi-Fi fulfilled Wi-Fi overall
8.0 hours 102 km/h 0 % 81 % 75 % 67 % 50 %

Damage totals

Trains/cars Notably damaged Defect rate
5 1 20 %


Again, no mobile Internet. Lucky this was only on a part of the track. And I had the chance to learn from the train attendant that the current incident process for what Deutsche Bahn offers as an included service is like so: A record is logged and sent to their maintenance staff and on the next-up train inspection (in some weeks or whatever) “someone” will hopefully “somehow” take care.

I only hope that at least the coach wheels get somehow better of a lifecycle service, since the last lessons learned in this case is already more than 15 years ago. Which equals three (or more) CEO lifecycles at Deutsche Bahn, by the way. Concluding from mobile Internet (or the train doors which silently fail without being noticed by ICE 544’s staff) my personal forecast is, unfortunately, not that optimistic.